An intention that tracks a more than absolute return. Our goal is to build a future where we can make the most of technology. We anticipate that our customers will meet, work and live in Khaneland.

Khaneland was created in 2018 by Bruno Rocha, a recent graduate student and technology enthusiast in Brazil. From the beginning, he has shared the belief that technology and the internet would level the playing field, allowing anyone to introduce innovations and technology to grow and compete more effectively in the domestic and global economies.

Since the launch of its first project, helping small and medium-sized music schools to manage their students more effectively through a solution that enabled greater interaction between teacher and student, making sure that the student does not lose interest in the classes, thus making that there were no significant losses of students during several semesters, with that Khaneland grew making it possible to expand the sectors in which it could operate in that brief moment, and today being able to operate in the most important areas of the technology branch.